San Angelo Symphony Guild Jewel Belles

Since 1960, young ladies have represented the San Angelo Symphony Guild as delegates to the Women's Symphony Leagure of Austin's Jewel Ball, which originally began in 1954. 


Here are the San Angelo Symphony Guild's Jewel Belles:

Year     Jewel       Belle       Sponsor
1960     Topaz            Miss Kay Kennemer       Daughter of Mr. Don Kennemer & Ms. Kay Kennemer
1966     Ruby       Miss Susan Tandy Scott       Daughter of Mrs. Archie Scott
1974     Amethyst       Miss Nancy Herrington       Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Al Herrington and Mrs. Maryjo Turner Rogers
1979     Ruby       Miss Elisa Michelle Nickel       Daughter of Mrs. Millard Francis McAfee & Mr. Robert Nickel
1982     Peridot       Miss Kara Elise Dolliver       Daughter of Mr. Roger M. & Mrs. Martha K. Dolliver
1985     Aquamarine         Miss Melanie Marie Miles       Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Miles
1987     Lapis Lazuli       Miss Mary Helen Crisp       Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Crisp
1989     Garnet       Miss Kathleen Suzanne McAfee       Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Millard Francis McAfee and Mrs. Irene Kippes McAffee
1992     Emerald       Miss Courtney Paige Munoz       Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Sonny Cleere
1995     Onyx       Miss Catherine Ryan       Daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Vernon Ryan
2001     Emerald       Miss Tracy Wilkinson       Daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Joe Wilkinson
2002     Emerald       Miss Marcie Elizabeth Cummings          Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jim Cummings
2006     Coral       Miss Jessica Housley       Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Housley
2008     Sapphire       Miss Erin Avery Martin       Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Terry Martin
2009     Aquamarine        Miss Samantha Anne McInnes       Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lewis McInnes
2010     Spinel       Miss Symphony Tomme       Granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bob Housley
2012     Tanzanite       Miss Virginia Huffman       Daughter of Mr. James Huffman and the late Hope Huffman
2015     Sapphire       Miss Elizabeth Teeter       Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bart Teeter
2017     Aquamarine       Miss Mary Margaret White       Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jerod White and Granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Pfluger