Symphony Guild Membership

There are currently six categories of membership and we feel certain you will find one that fits the bill for you.

 Active Membership: An Active member attends Guild meetings and participates in committee work.  Active members are asked to purchase at least one reservation to the annual gala, one San Angelo Symphony season membership and pay annual dues.

 Family Membership: A Family membership consists of two active members who can share committee responsibilities for their assigned committee. Family Membership volunteers are asked to purchase two reservations to the annual gala and two San Angelo Symphony season memberships. 

 Associate Member: An Associate member is asked to make an annual financial donation of $150 and Committee work is certainly appreciated, however not required to be a member in good standing.

 College Membership: College members are asked to pay annual dues of $20 and participate in limited committee work.  

 Lifetime Member: Lifetime member paid their lifetime membership dues and although committee work is not required, it is encouraged to stay connected to your fellow Guild members.

 Member of Note: The Member of Note membership is awarded to members with a cumulative ten years of service and committee work is not a requirement but encouraged and appreciated.


Link to Membership Forms and Requirements