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San Angelo Gives

San Angelo Gives is a powerful 24-hour, online giving event that connects the Concho Valley with community nonprofits to reinforce the value of both local philanthropic giving and community engagement. LOCAL nonprofits' involvement in the event will give members of our community the chance to find and support an organization whose mission aligns with their passion. 
In 2020, donors from all corners of the region generated more than 10,000 gifts and pumped more than $2.6 million into supporting local organizations that provide needed services and tack difficult challenges. Thank you for the outpouring of generosity! Click here to see how San Angelo Gives has impacted community causes!
Since 2015, more than $9.5 million has been raised through San Angelo Gives helping to raise awareness, ignite giving, and provide everyone the opportunity to become a philanthropist building a vibrant and thriving community!

The San Angelo Symphony Guild has had the distinct honor of providing volunteers to support our local symphony since 1955. If you are guild member, we thank you for your service, and if you are not, we hope you will join us as we honor our past and look forward to our future! The guild offers many opportunities to support the arts in our community while forging lifelong friendships. Our community and collaborative partnerships grow every year.  Explore our website, and we feel certain you will find a way to be enriched by becoming part of the San Angelo Symphony Guild.


2021 San Angelo Symphony Guild Membership Forms 

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2021 San Angelo Symphony Guild Membership Forms (Returning Lifetime Members Not Sponsoring Youth)


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San Angelo Symphony Guild's mission: fostering and promoting education, participation, appreciation of and financial support for the San Angelo Symphony Orchestra and symphonic music in the Concho Valley? 

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